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Moral Development in children is a critical component to the safety of our community at large.

As humans, we are social animals. Interacting with peers, adults and authority in a healthy way is crucial for children's moral development as well as the development of our society in the future.

As a child, it is essential to learn how to deal with the anger, disappointment, and rejection; more importantly, how to learn from our mistake.

As teachers and parents, it important to know when and how to make the intervention. "Why?" Why do they behave the way they do, is a question that we don't ask our children or ourselves often. What are the influencers of this behavior and what can we do?.

Here are some of the resources you might find helpful:

Literature Review Antecedents of Juvenile Delinquency
Literature Review Bully
Literature Marion Forgatch and colleagues (2009)


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