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Preschool children’s ability to control and sustain their attention is related to school readiness. A recent research study revealed that television watching, and video game playing were both linked to attention problems in children.

(Rothbart, 2011; Swing & others, 2010)

Sustained attention: is the ability to maintain attention to a selected stimulus for a pro- longed period of time. Sustained attention is also called focused attention and vigilance. (Santrock, 2014)
Executive attention: involves planning actions, allocating attention to goals, detecting and compensating for errors, monitoring progress on tasks, and dealing with novel or difficult circumstances. (Santrock, 2014)

As adolescents are required to engage in larger, more complex tasks that require longer time periods to complete, their ability to maintain attention is crucial to their success. An increase in executive attention supports the rapid increase in effortful control required to effectively engage in these complex academic tasks.

(Rothbart & Gartstein, 2008).

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